How to Heal After Abuse

My new self-help book, How to Heal after Abuse, is for any individual who has survived physical, emotional or sexual abuse. This book contains personal stories, inspiration quotes, easy to follow exercises and simple explanations of the healing process with a compassionate supportive voice. How to Heal after Abuse is designed to take each survivor from the denial stage thru the process of releasing their past as well as their own personal suffering.  

My passion is to share what I learned with the world so we as a human race can stop the cycle of abuse and start healing one survivor at a time. I want every survivor to know they are not alone and we all possess the ability within ourselves to heal after experiencing abuse. My desire is for every survivor to have the opportunity to live a more joyful healthier happier life.  

  • I discuss what abuse can look, sound and feel like,
  • How important The Big 3 are for your healing. (unconditional acceptance, love and respect is for oneself),
  • How understanding your past is the key to your future, 
  • How discovering yourself can create your dreams and desire,
  • How to ultimately find more joy and happiness in your life, and
  • How to cultivating healthier relationships. 

Also available soon How to Heal after Abuse Workbook.